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For the new comers: The reports of Interzone contain the monthly activities of the members of the group in different domains. As we are about 300 people in the world, all different, the whole might appear at first sight as an incongruous medley. For more information on the subjects developped here, please refer to the previous reports since 1997 in the page Information on Interzone


Lawrence Ferlinghetti ~ City Lights, Big Sur, Cabin Fever


Lawrence Ferlinghetti ~ City Lights, Big Sur, Cabin Fever


Hi all,

Spring is definitively here and I have been settling in my new place, have a nice garden, and the animals seem completely satisfied. France Culture is broadcastsing a reading of "On the Road" at the moment, and I am writing this report listenning to the adventures of Kerouac and Old Bull Lee.

From the Zone side, this report is really thick : here are the news events of the month :

Grazulis in China :

Grazulis is coming back from a trip in China. You can read his accounts in his blogspot at and view the pictures he puts on line regularly at Very nice photos. His site is at

Bernard de Clairvaux's letters to the pope Eugène III:

I have used the opportunity of the election of the new pope to put on line letters by Bernard de Clairvaux to the pope Eugène III. You can read them at Kind of strong speech ! If you do not read French, you can have a rough translation through a translator.

Non-aristotelian economy : call for experimenters :

I am preparing a teaching on line through the site "La Sémantique Générale pour tous": and still working on a non-A economy in the frame of the Zone (see the articles on the subject at Here I am looking for Zoners from different countries interested in it to make a theoretical simulation of organization, which we can then present to our bankers : mine is interested in it. We can first make it like a monopoly game, and if the bankers agree with it, then we can apply it.

Dreamachine making :

I am having requests for dreamachines, mainly from people in US and England. Due to the differences of electric systems in France, I am not sending the whole dreamachine, but make just cylinders, adapted to the size of the turntable. I can make plans for 78 or 45 rpm. The turntable which I use is a Sony PS-LX250H, which is wide, and easier for the 45 rpm, which require more holes than the 78. Price of one cylinder : 50 euros for the work (5 hours), plus mail fee.

Dreamachine plan stealing : "Faut pas prendre les enfants du Bon Dieu pour des canards sauvages !" 1

Some French satanist took my dreamachine plan to put it in his site at pretending it comes from a Spanish site of TOPY which would own them. Actually, the Spanish site had translated my plan without asking, of course, and the French translated it from the Spanish translation. After I asked him some clarification, the bastard answered the plan was his, obviously did not know anything about Burroughs nor Gysin, and nearly asked me for money ! I have no objection about anybody using this plan or putting it in one's site, if one asks before and quotes his sources, but I object against one using my work without asking and presenting it like his.

Once clarification about the satanists : since some years, a number of attempts, from different origins, have tried to link it to Interzone. I shall not impose on you today the list of their doubious jokes , just want to make it clear about the dreamachine :

When I put my plans on line in 1998, some guys from Temple Press, who had published Gysin's plans and also refer to satanism, got upset and pretended that they had the monopoly of the dreamachine stuff. Though, this plan was mine, not the same as Gysin's one, as it allows to access to different rhythms inside the alpha band, and Gysin had encouraged me to spread it.

Having heard Gysin's comments on this group at the Final Academy during the projection of their video Naked Lunch , I know that he had no link with Temple press satanic orientation, which he did not specially appreciate, though he was eulogistic towards some previous collaboration with them, which he preferred much more. So this orientation does not involve Gysin at all, and associating his work and image to it is a swindle. I understand that satanists need to steal some people or groups image to appear presentable and make their activities appear as acceptable, but as for me, I have no interested interest in manipulation of symbols.

Now which attitude did Gysin have with the dreamachine effects ? He discovered those effects in one bus at sunset, looked for explanations, and then he built with Iam Sommerville a machine which could reproduce them, which he called the dreamachine. He described those effects, emitted a number of hypothesis about them, and used the dreamachine in an artistic context, but did not try to hide the information on it, nor to limit its spreading, and never earned a cent with the machine. When he put me in from of the dreamachine in his flat, he did not ask me for any money, and as far as my plan was concerned, he said "Go on !"

As for the link between satanism and dreamachine, it also is a swindle : it rests on a false image of human organism : weather one likes it or not, the dreamachine effects are part of the human program since mankind lives on this planet. They were know and used centuries ago by sufis (see the extract of Henri corbin's book : "L'Homme de Lumière dans le soufisme iranien", in a spiritual context, and certainly not a satanist one ! As a result, people involved in such swindles act in the sense of criminalization of some human programs, through the association of some functions of human organism with the Aristotelian concept of "evil". (see about it the article "Les différentes étapes de l'évolution de l'Occident:
Aristote, Descartes, Kortzybski" at , and on the so-called "knowledge of good and evil" : De l'origine de la répression sexuelle en Occident : Une interprétation non-aristotélicienne du récit de la création d'Adam et Eve at )

As far as I am concerned, I have had no power of decision on the programs included in human organism, nor have been consulted about them, but for what I have stated and experimented with mine, I have no complain about it, and find it absolutely great. So if some people have some critics about it, nothing prevents them to see directly the manufacturer, who is responsible for the program, rather than forbidding the artefacts to function.

To end this subject about our no-relation with satanism, we have no money to invest in temples nor churches of any kind, and particularly not for high level hallucination and medieval mental creation deprived of real existence and power.

" Look here brother

Who you jivin' with that Cosmik Debris?

Now what kind of a guru are you anyway? . . .

Don't you know You could make more money as a butcher

And so, don't you waste your time on me

Don't waste it

Don't waste your time on me "

Frank Zappa, Cosmic Debris

Catalogue of Interzone creations 2005 :

The catalogue 2005 has been remade : (new look, flashy, but chic). If you have books , CD, or more to add to it, or prices to change, let me know at .

Exhibitions :

It now seems that because of a software problem at Resonance FM 104.4 the slot for 7.00 Monday April 11 has been double-booked, so instead of
hearing techo-jazz poetry and soundscape fiction from Paul A Green & Lawrence Russell you'll probably hear a program about the American poet
Muriel Ruykeyser...

....but stand by your screens and/or watch the skies for announcements of Brother Paul's rescheduled appearance - and for forthcoming updates of audio
& texts at

Ricardo Mbarak in Berlin, festival Transmediale : "Art and new media in Lebanon" Feb 2005

- World Summit Contributory Conference on ICT & Creativity / Vienne / Vienna / 2-3 juin / June 2-3 / 2005

The World Summit Contributory Conference on ICT & Creativity is an Austrian initiative that will take place in Vienna, June 2-3 2005.

The conference aims:
- "at taking a critical look at what has been happening worldwide since the beginning of the Digital Revolution. This process of analyzing is to be followed by agreeing on measures to shape the further development of the Information Society."
- "to produce a truly optimistic statement, the Vienna Declaration". "This document shall be presented by the Conference Chairman at the Plenary Session on the Second Part of the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis 2005."
The participation of Ricardo Mbarak is in June 3rd, Workshop Session 6: "eCulture, Creative Content and DigiArts"
Web Site: Link to the program:

- Ciné Club à l'Espace SD... Jeudi 28 Avril à 19h.

- Ciné-Club Mondrian: Mr. Boogie-Woogie Man

- "Facettes" de ZEINA BARAKEH jeudi 21 avril à partir de 18h. L'exposition se prolongera jusqu'au 21 mai 2005
Espace SD. Immeuble S.Dagher. Avenue Charles Hélou. Gemmayzé. Beyrouth. Tél: 01 56 31 14

- Kitchen, Where Frequency Meets Pixel From the 14th till the 16th of April 2005, at Espace SD.

See the details of the exhibitions at Espace SD in the news page of April

 PENTAPUS PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENTS May The Fourth (Be With Us) an informal gathering of Pentapoids & Friends
at The Others, Top Floor (above the billiard hall), 6-8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, N16. This invite-only event precedes our monthly public event, starting on Friday 10th June 2005.

DATE & TIME From 8.00 pm on Wednesday May the Fourth, 2005 AD (Gregorian) until at least 1am

THE VENUE The Others, Top Floor (above the billiard hall), 6-8 Manor Road, London, N16 Tel: 020 8802 3755 Trains: every 10 minutes from Seven Sisters/Liverpool Street Buses: 106, 67, 73, 76, 149, 476 and 243 for a map

DOOR CHARGE Free entry

FOOD & BOOZE Reasonably priced bar: 2.50 for a beer, 3.00 for a large beer Free novelty food items for early arrivals but no substantial gastronomic offerings on this occasion (vast array of cafes nearby for the hungry-bellied)

EXHIBITS from Gary Clarke ("homo sapien aqueous immersion") and Lisa Lovebucket ("voting for politicians gives you piles")
RHYTHMS, RHYMES & REVELATIONS from Kate Alderton, Ishmael Fiifi Annobil, Liza Hayden, Niall McDevitt, Moksha Medicine, Dave Pepper & Paradox
CHRONICLES, CURIOSITIES & PHILOSOPHICAL MONOLOGUES from Dr Leonard Stamford Dupennis, Joseph Hawkins-Hawkins Hawkins Esq & Yap
PLUS PROJECT PAN-PONTIFICATION (free life-long Popeships for all attendees)
We are now confirmed for our monthly event, to be held on the last Friday of the month for the whole of 2005, starting on Friday 27th May. If anyone wants to perform, project or exhibit any works at our monthly event please let me know. And we are now open to submissions for next year?tm)s anthology.

May the fourth be with us.

Xx xxx

- FRONT BY FRONT- Les vitrines du DOJO An exhibition of Eddie Ladoire and Cl?/2mentine Roy (Heller-OS.011) and Nicolas Moulin OZEANISCHE KNISTERN Opening on the April 02 18.00 P.M - Le dojo 22 Bis Bd Stalingrad 06300 Nice

SUPERAMAS- APRIL /France : BIG 2nd episode Paris Ð 6, 7 April 2005 - 19H30 Ð La Villette/Centre G. Pompidou or

RADIOTOPIE (exhibition) is an exhibition of the artist PHILIPPE LEPEUT. Optical Sound and PIERRE BELOUIN have made label tracks selection and the jingle for the seven radio show of this event. PINUP BADGES made a special edition of Philippe Lepeut. It will take place between the April 9 to May 21 at GALERIE L'ONDE Espace Culturel 8 bis Avenue Louis-Breguet 78140 Velizy-Villacoublay Infos : / 01 34 58 19 92 Free bus on the April 09 at Trocadero 17.30 P.M/

CLAIR OBSCUR Live jeudi 7 avril AmiensLa Lune des Pirates, 17 quai B?/2lu 80000 Amiens / T?/2l : 03 22 97 88 01
vendredi 20 mai Marseille Le Poste ˆ Galne, 103 rue Ferrari 13005 Marseille / T?/2l : 04 91 47 57 99 ou 04 42 32 66 52
vendredi 27 mai Maxeville (Nancy) Le T.O.T.E.M., 36 rue du general Leclerc 54320 Maxeville / T?/2l : 03 83 37 54 53

AUDIOROOM section~On-Line RADIO is now available (mac user only)
RELATED PROJECTS section~Pierre Belouin Art, Exhibitions, Curatoring, Workshops.
(OS.007- CD+ROM) "Cocoon" Cocoon and Servovalve (CD 10 tracks + INFINITE CD-ROM) 12 Euros

(OS.008- 2xCD) "Re:Courrier Electronique" Rainier Lericolais (CD 12 tracks Original + CD 17 Remixes) 20 Euros

(OS.009 - CD ) "Les enfants gates" Rainier Lericolais Music from Daniella Marxer movie 12 Euros

(OS.010 - CD) "Echo Location" V/a from 80's french scene (18 tracks + booklet 24 p) 15 Euros

(OS.011 - CD) ".01..05" Heller (Sebastien Roux and Eddie Ladoire +Portfolio 12 sleeves by Clementine Roy) 15 Euros

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* The Taxidermist on line : The comix by José Altimiras and Fran çois Darnaudet : The new pages of this month : page pages 31, 32 et 33 .

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Jack Kerouac's "On the Road"

* Jon Nelson : My blog :

New blog entries

* J. Ward-Nichols" :

Once Again, We're LAWRENCE, KANSAS (not to be confused with "KANSAS") : From my BLOG, which can be found at (see the contents in the news page of April. )

* More paintings by Paul Donovan :

Paul has sent two new paintings which have been added to his gallery

* the lazarus corporation news & updates :

more new artwork from liza aspell
another eight new paintings and mixed media pieces from liza aspell, including more work in progress.

more information at

new photography from irishfae
a spring clean of irishfae's gallery, with five new pieces of work, and some older work removed to keep it all fresh.

more information at

the lost films of alain noslier
a short overview by michael kemp of the rare and elusive vignettes made by french film-maker alain noslier, virtually unseen by the general public, but spoken of in hushed tones by the underground film cognoscente...

more information at

latest forum topics
latest topics include collaborations between (and combinations of) art and music, the cinema of transgression, and the continual damning of land art. please feel free to jump in with your own opinions on these or any other subject.

more information at


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- Ciné Club à l'Espace SD... Jeudi 28 Avril à 19h

- Ciné-Club Mondrian: Mr. Boogie-Woogie Man

- "Facettes" de ZEINA BARAKEH jeudi 21 avril à partir de 18h. L'exposition se prolongera jusqu'au 21 mai 2005
Espace SD. Immeuble S.Dagher. Avenue Charles Hélou. Gemmayzé. Beyrouth. Tél: 01 56 31 14

- Exposition Photo à Saifi Village Tout un chacunPhotographies de Gilbert Hage Sur la place de Saifi Village
- Visages Photographies de Nadim Asfar, Hayat Karanouh, Joe Kesrouani et Roger Moukarzel Saifi Village. Quartier des Arts. A coté de la Galerie Nada Debs, en face des tentes des artisans. Du 11 au 17 avril 2005

* Lisa Lovebucket : May the Fourth (Be With Us) - Pentapus Proudly Presents an AntipoliticalParty :PENTAPUS PRODUCTIONS PROUDLY PRESENTS May The Fourth (Be With Us) an informal gathering of Pentapoids & Friends at The Others, Top Floor (above the billiard hall), 6-8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, N16. This invite-only event precedes our monthly public event, starting on Friday 10th June 2005.

* Paul ODonovan : Kral Majaes The link below contains Robert Lavigne's original block print design for the poster poem edition of Kral Majales - good resolution format

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* celie99us 'beat' DVD trade?

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Rock on !


1. "Faut pas prendre les enfants du Bon Dieu pour des canards sauvages" : ("One must not take God's children for wild ducks!" ) : title of a French comic movie by Michel Audiard.

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